Monday, May 29, 2017

A New Area, Hills, and a Fruit Sampler

My new area is awesome. It is big, has a lot of people and that is great for me because that leads to opportunities to do the work. My companion is from Nicaragua and he has been fatigued this week, I don't think he is accustomed to so much walking. There are so many hills here and it is a little tiring for me but my companion (a bigger guy) at the crest of each hill is completely out of breath, dripping sweat, and stumbling a little bit. But, he is resilient and I respect his resolve to keep going. 

We found lots of new investigators this week and we knocked a lot of doors. I am having fun getting to know new people and to invite them to come unto Christ. The lady who cooks lunch for us here is a great cook and they ward has a dinner schedule for us, so I have been eating hot meals and less pupusas. 

We went to visit a recent convert this week and I was shocked by the amount of fruit in her kitchen. We had pineapple, watermelon, some kind of red pear, guava beans, another white fluffy fruit, a fruit called "nancy", plums, and another one I'm not sure how to describe. I had never experienced anything quite like that but it was good, I was reminded of my brother Connor a little bit.
I am doing good, I am enjoying each day, and I'm striving to work hard to the end. I'm grateful for the knowledge of a Savior. I'm grateful to know that we will all be resurrected regardless of what we have done and stand before Jesus Christ to be judged for what we have done and what we have become. We can all become better people through Jesus Christ. Truly, Jesus Christ has done all He can for our salvation and we must personally take advantage of what He has done. I find it helpful to analyze my own life and see what I am doing to take advantage of what Christ has done for me. 

I know Jesus Christ died for us and He loves us. No other knowledge is quite so comforting to the human heart and mind. 

I hope you all have a great week, enjoy these last days of school!

Elder Gardner

P.s. sorry for the weird baby, I thought it was funny

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