Monday, October 31, 2016

A New Transfer, I'm Going to Finish off Another Companion

Elder Wallentine

Elder Rojas

Bald Chicken- common in Belize

Elder Erickson

When you are a missionary's last companion in the mission they say that you "kill" them. If that is the case I'm a 3 time killer. 

I stayed here in San Ignacio. In this area I basically speak English to all of the people with a few exceptions and then I always speak spanish with my companion beause he can't speak english. So lots of times I end up doing all of the talking, I have a tendency to talk to much anyways so this is easy. But it is ideal when companions can take turns talking. 

We are teaching a lot of families and we are having some success with that. We are teacing them and they are receptive but it is very difficult for them to come to church.

I'm enjoying the opportunity to be here and I can feel the Spirit tell people that what we teach is true. I'm grateful to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm working hard down here in Belize under this hot hot sun. I'm enjoying each day and the time seems to fly by. I know of the reality of eternal families and I believe that through the gospel we can be united with our families for time and all eternity. This is the goal of our missionary efforts, to help people be with their families forever. 

Have a great week, 

Elder Gardner

Monday, October 24, 2016

6 More Weeks in San Ignacio

It was another great week down here in Belize. Another transfer cycle has passed by in the mission. I have 6 more transfers remaining in my mission. 

We had a busy week once again, my companion was very ill. He got a cold and had some serious headaches, but we treated him and now he is recovering well. So that is great news. 

We had a good sacrament meeting turnout today, 95 people came to church which is the highest attendance at church we've had during my time here. Hopefully with some more visits to the less active members we can get that number back up to 100!

We are still working with about 5 families here in San Igancio, we are progressing little by little with them. They are listening and reading the Book of Mormon, so I hope that they can continue to feel good about the message and come to know the truthfulness of it. 

Yesterday we did divisions with members, that is the first time that I'd done divisions in a long time, that allowed us to do double visits yesterday so it was particularly effective to split up and conquer. 

I'm enjoying the weather here more now, it has started to cool down a little bit. So we are hoping that it can stay a little bit cooler (although it is still very hot). 

We are working hard down here to Preach the Gospel to the people of Belize, sometimes people are noncommittal but we are trying to encourage them and help them to realize all of the blessings they can receive as they live the Gospel of Christ. I'm grateful to be a missionary, I'm grateful that God called Joseph smith to be a prophet and restore the Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. 

Take Care everybody, 

Elder Gardner

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Caracol and Many Meetings

Last Monday we had a big P day activity as we went to a ruin called Caracol with the help of a senior couple, The Studebakers. It is the biggest ruin in Belize and it was fun to go visit and see that part of history and some monkeys as well. 

This week was very busy with several meetings in Belize City as well as here in San Ignacio. So it has been a very busy week here in San Ignacio. We are teaching several families the gospel but none of them came to church this week. But we are still doing good and it is a always a pleasure to serve regardless of the outcome. 

I've been working hard and I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to be in a mission. Every day seems to bring new challenge and other obstacles but I know that a steady course forward in the gospel will allow us to overcome them. I know I'm kinda boring but I really don't have too much to say. 

Have a great week, 

Elder Gardner

Monday, October 10, 2016

Caracol ruins

We went to Caracol ruins today, they are the largest ruins in Belize and no missionaries have been there in 4 years. But Elder Studebaker pulled through for us and helped us make the trip. That guy is the man, without him we probably would never have gone to visit there. Also a member who helped excavate the site came along and explained everything to us. So it was super cool to see that. 

Monday, October 3, 2016


General conference weekend was great, I really enjoyed listening to the talks of the leaders of the church. I didn't fully realize how great General Conference was until I got to the mission. Now, I love watching it and my testimony of living prophets is strengthened when I do. 

My companion and I are doing very well here in San Ignacio. We found a lot of new families to teach this week and I'm excited for some of the return appointments that we have, we have some very positive people to visit this week. We have been working hard and it has been good to see that some people that weren't active in the church before are starting to come back a little bit. 

This week I met a Scottish guy in the streets, he stopped me and starting trying to convince me fervently that God does not exist. This was an interesting experience, I could feel a darkness about the guy and he really didn't off positive vibes. It is much easier to doubt than to believe. It is also much better.

I'm doing good overall here in Belize. We are trying to help a lot of less actives to come back to church, we had 3 investigators come to church. We are hoping that they will read and pray with real intent, and thereby allow the Holy Ghost to testify of the truth to them. I know that the Gospel is true and the Plan of Salvation really is a merciful plan of our loving Heavenly Father.

Hope all have a good week.!!!!


interchange with AP
Sis. Kay, the lady who makes us food! She's the best!

Sis. Kay, the lady who makes us food! She's the best!

interchange with AP