Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Caracol and Many Meetings

Last Monday we had a big P day activity as we went to a ruin called Caracol with the help of a senior couple, The Studebakers. It is the biggest ruin in Belize and it was fun to go visit and see that part of history and some monkeys as well. 

This week was very busy with several meetings in Belize City as well as here in San Ignacio. So it has been a very busy week here in San Ignacio. We are teaching several families the gospel but none of them came to church this week. But we are still doing good and it is a always a pleasure to serve regardless of the outcome. 

I've been working hard and I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to be in a mission. Every day seems to bring new challenge and other obstacles but I know that a steady course forward in the gospel will allow us to overcome them. I know I'm kinda boring but I really don't have too much to say. 

Have a great week, 

Elder Gardner

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