Monday, October 24, 2016

6 More Weeks in San Ignacio

It was another great week down here in Belize. Another transfer cycle has passed by in the mission. I have 6 more transfers remaining in my mission. 

We had a busy week once again, my companion was very ill. He got a cold and had some serious headaches, but we treated him and now he is recovering well. So that is great news. 

We had a good sacrament meeting turnout today, 95 people came to church which is the highest attendance at church we've had during my time here. Hopefully with some more visits to the less active members we can get that number back up to 100!

We are still working with about 5 families here in San Igancio, we are progressing little by little with them. They are listening and reading the Book of Mormon, so I hope that they can continue to feel good about the message and come to know the truthfulness of it. 

Yesterday we did divisions with members, that is the first time that I'd done divisions in a long time, that allowed us to do double visits yesterday so it was particularly effective to split up and conquer. 

I'm enjoying the weather here more now, it has started to cool down a little bit. So we are hoping that it can stay a little bit cooler (although it is still very hot). 

We are working hard down here to Preach the Gospel to the people of Belize, sometimes people are noncommittal but we are trying to encourage them and help them to realize all of the blessings they can receive as they live the Gospel of Christ. I'm grateful to be a missionary, I'm grateful that God called Joseph smith to be a prophet and restore the Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. 

Take Care everybody, 

Elder Gardner

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