Monday, May 15, 2017

Skype, the temple, and Aguacate

It was a great week. There were several highlights. 

First, we had a large zone conference with our mission president. He taught a lot of great motivational doctrine and talked about how we can improve and be more efficient with our time and our efforts. 

I got to go to a temple sealing on Saturday (for those of you who don't know what this is it is basically a marriage inside of a Mormon temple). A family that I had helped to be baptized a year ago was able to go to the temple and that was a happy moment for me. There was a sweet peaceful feeling there and all seemed to be calm, I am grateful that I was able to attend. What a special experience to see a family make special covenants with our Heavenly Father.

I Skyped my family last night, they are looking good (much better than me at least). It was great to see them and I have been blessed with a great family and incredible parents. Nobody was sad this time, but all were excited because in 7 weeks we will be conversing in person!

The time has flown. But I have no regrets about using this time to serve my Savior. I know that I am in a good cause and that this gospel will make people happy. I walk around everyday trying to help people to be happy, isn't that awesome? If people really understood what we are doing they wouldn't hide behind the doors or tell us to come back another day and not be there....

But I am doing awesome and I hope you are as well!

Have a great week!

Best regards, 

Elder Gardner

P.S. I only mentioned Aguacate (avocado in spanish) because I needed a third option and I have eaten aguacate on various occasions this week. 

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