Monday, May 22, 2017

Spoiled Milk, The Book or Mormon, and I'm Gone

Hey Everyone! It was a great week, I have began my goodbye tour because I am leaving my area. I will head to a new area for my last change called La Esperanza which in English means "the hope". So I'm excited for a new transfer, a new companion, and another new opportunity. 

My milk fell out of the fridge because the fridge doesn't work, our fridge hasn't been working my whole time here. The elder who is in charge of supplying our houses with appliances isn't my best friend right now, without milk there is no cereal! I guess he doesn't quite understand that, but at least that isn't going to be my problem anymore because I am leaving my area!

We gave out a lot of copies of the Book of Mormon this week, we had a lot of success in teaching a lot of lessons. I had some great interchanges this week as well. My last week as a zone leader was a good one, I am going to be a district leader now. I am happy for a little rest, I won't have to deal with so many problems now.

I began to say goodbye to the people here in my area. It is always sad to say goodbye, it makes me sad and some of the people get sad as well. I have a lot of invites for these next few days so I'll be very busy and probably eat way too much. 

I'm doing great! I'm excited and I am still going! I'm grateful to be a missionary, it is fun to be a missionary and it is a blessing. I am going to continue to give copies of the Book of Mormon out and continue to invite people to learn about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If any of you who read this email are not members of the church, I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and learn about the Restoration as well. I know it can bless your life. 

Have a great week everyone!


Elder Gardner

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