Monday, March 27, 2017

People Like Money, I see Dirty Houses, and I eat Mangoes

Mangoe season is in full bloom, I've been eating mangoes almost daily. They are at about 10 for a dollar right now so it is a good deal to eat some. We had a great week here in our area, we worked hard and we found a lot of new investigators this week so we were rewarded for our hard work. We also had some investigators come to church this week. The members brought all of them to church, I've found that is more effective. One member brought her boyfriend to church who is not a member, that is especially efficient fellowshipping. 

I went on interchanges this week and I was displeased to find the house I went to in the condition that it was. I left my house in order with my bed made, but when I arrived to the other missionaries' house the bed I had to sleep on had no sheets on it, however it did have, trash, dirty clothes, and stains on it. I told them to clean that house, it sure needs it. 

We had a lot of people ask us for money this week. It always makes me feel sad to see the devastating poverty, I want to give to everyone oftentimes. But, I also don't want to fund addictions and other wastes of money. So, I tend to prefer to just give food directly. We aren't really supposed to be giving handouts to people but sometimes I just feel bad. It humbles you to see this and makes you grateful for all that God has given us. 

I learn something new every day, but some things never change or get old. I know that Christ lives and that the gospel has been restored to the earth. I feel it a pleasure to try and share this message with people, I like to see the joy it brings to people when they decide to change their lives. I hope that all of us will focus on the positive this week and allow the good to overrule the bad so that we can be more happy. Everyone have a great week!

Elder Gardner

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