Monday, March 6, 2017

New Companion, I'm the Short Guy Again

elder Rojas mission complete

I got a new companion this week, he is about 6'4. So he makes me feel kinda small and the two of us make everyone else here feel pretty small. We had a good first week, other than my companion's ingrown toenail and carrying his suitcases in the heat of the midday sun for a mile everything went smoothly. 

I learned how to roll my r's this week, it is about time. I started praying for help to improve my Spanish and I began to practice to try and roll my r's and I figured it out. So that was a very direct answer I received to my prayers this week. I have been trying for a long to do that and all my efforts had been futile up till now. 

Lucio Figueroa, our recent convert is doing very well. He received the priesthood this week and began taking institute classes. He was also socializing with some of the young single adults so that was funny to see, he is 27 so I guess it is time he looks for a wife. We taught him about temples this week and about the priesthood. 

We have a meeting tomorrow for all of the zone leaders, I think this meeting will be the twelth monthly zone leader meeting that I've gone too. My companion pointed that out to me, it is crazy how fast the time tends to fly us by. So, we'll have a two hour bus ride to go to San Salvador tomorrow. 

I bore my testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday (I usually always do), I enjoyed the meeting this week and everyone in the meeting felt a sweet spirit as the members shared their testimonies. I know that as we strive to do what is right (follow the Savior) people will notice the example and they will be touched by the Holy Spirit. I love to serve and this week flew by. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the cold, humidity gets old and I yearn for the day when I can breath in some piercing cold Idaho air. Have a great week everybody!

Elder Gardner

I tamed a pitbull in this picture, I thought it was going to bite me at first.

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