Monday, February 27, 2017

Frosted Mini Wheats, Machete, Mangos Maduros, and Chapstick makes me weird

Nathan's fav cereal

mango season

My favorite cereal as a child was Frosted Mini Wheats, in my opinion it is the best cereal. There were even times in high school where I ate Frosted Mini Wheats and toast every single day for my after school snack (more like an oversized meal). I had been 19 months without eating Frosted Mini Wheats until I saw some in the supermarket last week, I just stopped and stared for a second. After I regathered my senses I smiled and grabbed a box. The simple things make life great, I enjoyed my favorite cereal all week. 

We also helped a lady chop with a machete (we aren't supposed to use machetes), but when we saw an 80 year woman chopping logs with a machete we had to help her. We really needed and ax, but somehow we managed to chop most of a tree apart using a machete. We then carried all of the firewood to her house. A lot of people here use firestoves, she was happy. Maria Santos said she was glad to get all of that wood before the rainy season. 

Our recent convert, Lucio is still doing well. He came to church again and was fully participant and the classes. He has been our greatest success story of this transfer. 

I always use chapstick, it helps me to avoid dry lips. But every time that I use it people ask me why I'm using lipstick. I always explained to them that it is lotion, but, I just tell them now that it is lipstick and they always laugh. 

My companion, Elder Kleinman is going to a different area to train, close to where we started the mission. My companion will be Elder Burris, he is a good guy so we should have a good transfer. Our zone, Sonzacate, is going to be combined with the zone of Izalco. So, we are going to have a large zone next change with over 20 missionaries. I hope that you are all doing well. 

Elder Gardner

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