Monday, February 20, 2017

Blueberry Pancakes and Gringo Soccer

El Salvador Dish

I bought some blueberry pancake mix last monday and I enjoyed eating them all week, it was weird to find that at the supermarket. But I was happy, and I was able to eat pancakes for breakfast this week. It is nice to have a break from beans and fried plantains every once in a while. 

We played soccer this morning for p day with some members, we miraculously won (us, the missionaries). Somebody also brought a basketball, I showed everyone how to shoot and I made five 3s in a row in front of everybody. They all thought that was cool, they said that they had never seen that in person before. 

We were able to visit with several great people this week. We are visiting several less active families that we have begun to visit with recently. It is sad to see when a father gets offended or makes a mistake and ends up leading his whole family away from the church. Last night a man started sobbing as we read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. He said that he knew Jesus was his Savior, and that knew the church was true. But, then he told us he turned his back to God and lost his way. But it was really cool to see that he wants to come back. 

Lucio, our investigator who was baptized last week came to church this sunday in a white shirt and tie. He is super excited and he is also studying the scriptures and reading  the Book of Mormon, so he is doing excellent. He also came to play soccer with us this morning. When I was playing goalie he kicked me with the ball in the face and he felt bad, but I told him it was all good and I laughed it off. I told them that I like getting hit in the face every once in a while, I like the feeling of getting the sense knocked out of me every once in a while. 

The work is going great. I love being a missionary, it is a pleasure to be able to serve the Lord. I know that the Holy Spirit can touch people's live and make them happy. I know that if people allow Jesus Christ to come into their lives by doing the things that He taught, miracles can happen and hearts can be changed.

 The members here give us a lot of food. It is really nice of them but I hate that they give us Coca Cola for every meal, it is practically the equivalent of water here. But, all is well, I'm constantly fighting to not get fat, haha. I lose the battle sometimes. 

Have a great week, 

Elder Gardner

My Pancakes and some dishes from El Salvador

I'm doing well, it is crazy how fast the time is going by. I hope that you all have a good week.

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