Monday, February 6, 2017

Great Week

This week was good. I officially overcame my allergy to watermelon and cantalope. Before my mission when I ate it I got an awful stomach ache, and several times during the beginning of my mission I accepted it from people and I didn't feel good. But recently, I've been eating it and I have been fine. So I overcame my allergic reactions, haha. 

I went to San Salvador on tuesday, I had to go for immigration purposes. It brought back a lot of memories because I lived in San Salvador for almost the first whole year of my mission! 

My companion still has a parasite so he had a rough week, I estimate that he lost at LEAST 5 pounds this week. I've never seen someone go to the bathroom so much, poor guy. Hopefully he can get the parasites killed because those things can really do some damage. I'm glad we don't have them in the U.S., I could imagine some people might even try to get them for weight loss purposes, they are extremely effective (but not in a good way). 

I hear people talk about Donald Trump all of the time, I am not well informed but I hear a ton of rumors. I just laugh it off when people try to insult us because of Donald Trump. I have been asked like 5 times this week if I'm related to him. I guess I look like him just because I'm white. 

We had to walk over the tube down below in order to go to some baptismal interviews. All is going well this week. We will have a baptism of a great young man next week. When people begin to read the Book of Mormon sincerely, it is amazing what it does to them. This guy was an atheist less than a month ago and now he can hardly wait to be baptized! 

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