Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

I don't feel old or anything, but I can remember a day a long long time ago in Elementary School. I was attending Owyhee Elementary School and we sent up an account with the Nampa School District on the computer. I remember that part of our username was 2015, I didn't understand that until they explained to me that 2015 was going to be the year we graduated high school. I remember thinking that was so far off! Well I don't know why that comes to me head now, but it is weird to think that it is already 2017. 

I imagine the gyms will be full this month, many yoga mats will be sold, and everyone will be on a diet. It is always amusing to see how long that really lasts.  I hope that I can also get into better shape this year. I will spend half of this year on the mission, and the other half of this year I will be back in the U.S.!

I'm grateful for this year that past, 2016 was full of cherished moments and wonderful experiences for me. I was glad to serve the Lord all year long and I've seen many people, I don't think that I've ever talked to so many people in one year. I've knocked more doors and talked to more people than I can number, I've walked many miles in the hot sun, but I enjoyed it all. It has been a great blessing and an opportunity to serve a mission, it is worth it even if it only benefits a few people. I'm grateful that lives that have been blessed by the gospel. 

Whatever our goals may be in this new year, I hope that we will focus on what we want "to be" rather than "to dos". I know that we have a Savior and that He will help us in worthy goals that we set. I hope the new year brings joy to us all. May all of you at home enjoy skiing, snowmen, hot chocolate, and winter jackets. Have a great week!

Elder Gardner

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