Monday, January 9, 2017

Cold Week in Belize, it Got down to 70! Brrr!

I realized this week than I am accustomed to heat, and a lot of it. It dropped down to 70 degrees and the thought came to my mind to put on a jacket! I started laughing and I remembered that 70 degrees back at home meant that it was warm enough to take off my shirt and go swimming! But, it has been nice to have a cold front this week, I'm definitely not complaining. 

We had to travel to Belize City and Belmopan this week for meetings and immigration for my companion. Those were long days and we had to wait at Belmopan (Belize's Capital) for 4 hours while my companion's papers were being processed. So, we went shopping. I decided to buy a pillow, I've been using a hard, lopsided pillow that feels like leather stuffed with corn husks for 18 months so when I saw that nice pillow for only 10 $ U.S. I was happy to spend that money. I had looked before for pillows but I was happy to finally find one!

One day at lunch this week we were sitting on a porch after eating at Sis. Kay's house (our cook). Her mother was visiting and she speaks in a thick Creole accent, Elder Daly doesn't understand Creole yet and something funny happened. Evon (Sis. Kay's mother) looked at a cat and gestured to it saying "Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy!" (pussy is cat in creole). I was sitting there and I noticed that Elder Daly's face was recoiled in horror and disgust, I began to laugh and Sister Kay as well. He thought that Evon was saying a crude sexual word but she was just talking to the cat! Haha, everyone has got to pass through a Creole learning curve. 

We had 6 investigators come to church this week, a family we have been teaching called the Gentle Family finally came to church! They really liked it and they are excited to come back next week, they are great people and I feel that they were prepared to listen to us by God before we ever found them. We also started teaching some families that go to Jehovah's Witnesses. This is surprising, because usually they just want to argue with us but we had a nice conversation with them and we received return invitations from them. 

It is great to visit with a variety of people from different background beliefs. I love serving people, getting to know them, and trying to help them live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have loved serving in Belize, it appears that I might be leaving the country next week because of transfers but this has been a blessed place to serve in and I love this place. I know that the Savior lives, He wants us to be happy. I feel that we are just trying to help people be happier. I hope that all of you enjoy the real cold up there in Idaho, it sounds like some kind of blizzard has struck. I hope everyone takes advantage and goes powder skiing! 

Have a great week, Be happy, 

Elder Gardner

 My companion at the house where he misunderstood the word for cat

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