Monday, January 16, 2017

Bye Bye Belize

this girl has 6 toes

bye bye Mr. Steve

I'm going back to El Salvador tomorrow. I will speak my last bit of English and creole in Belize while I can because now I'm only going to be speaking spanish. But that will be good so I can practice my accent and improve it. This week was pretty funny, I'll list some of the funny and strange things people told us this week: 

- I was told that I am worse than Adolph Hitler and Osama Bin Laden
- We were told that my companion is destined to fall in love with a woman named Britney by a random lady 
- I was told that Donald Trump is the ugliest man alive and that I am his grandson (this is false)
- I had explained to me how to run a complex money laundering scheme by a man who was deported from the U.S.A.
- A man gave me an ancient Mayan ring and dared me to go carbon date it
- I was told that I should be a pole dancer in San Pedro 

So it was another fun week here in Belize. We had many of our investigators come to church this week which was awesome. We are teaching a family called the Gentle Family that is trying to get married A.S.A.P. so that they can get baptized, so I'm glad that the next two missionaries here will have that family to teach. My companion and I are both going to leave the area, I'm returning to El Salvador to finish out my mission and Elder Daly is going to be the next AP(assistant to president) here in Belize.

I'm grateful for the Savior. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and wherever I go I'm still teaching the same thing to people and it is always about Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for his sacrifice and the opportunity that we all have to follow His example. I know that He love us and I know that He has restored his gospel on the earth. It is a pleasure to be a missionary. I hope you all have a great week and that you don't freeze up there in Idaho. 

Elder Gardner

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