Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Transfer

I'll be in the beautiful Belize for at least another month and a half. My companion is going home, he isn't too sad about it. He is ready to go eat his mexican tacos and be with his family for Christmas, I can't blame the little guy I gues, haha. I've enjoyed my time with him and I'll miss good old Elder Mejia. 

My next companion will be named Elder Daly, he is from Maryland. So that will be nice to have a companion who can understand and talk to the people. I won't have to do all the talking anymore... that will be a nice switch up for the people. 

I set up my Christmas tree, it isn't really the prettiest thing (it isn't even a tree, just lights). But it helps me get into the spirit of Christmas and I enjoy it, Christmas was always my favorite holiday. It will be the last one this year that I won't be home for. 

We had some investigators come to church this week, Saul and Trisha came to church. They are a very young family and they are interested in the message. They seemed to enjoy church but their little baby almost makes it impossible for them to focus on anything. But, they had a good experience and I'm hoping that they'll come back!

I'm doing great overall, it is a wonderful time of year to reflect on what the Savior did for us and that He is the gift. I'm grateful for all that I have been given in my life and I hope to press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. I know that He lives and that through Him we can achieve great happiness. I hope that all of us can focus on the true meaning of Christmas this year! I wish the best for all of you. 

Elder Gardner

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