Monday, September 26, 2016

Lots of Craziness....

I don't have a lot to say today. I'm doing great, we are working hard to help people here in San Igancio gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. 

I think in this week I saw more Marijuana than in all my life. This week was the Independence week in Belize and on Wednesday people got a little out of hand. Lots of drinking, fireworks, parties, and especially marijuana. We were talking to some relatives of a lady named Sister Kay and then literally 15 minutes later we saw them hiding under a street in a drainage smoking marijuana. The amount of marijuana consumed and the thickness of their blunts are ridiculous. 

I went to Bullet Tree this week on an interchange, we saw some Mormons there and we took a picture with them. They were visiting from Utah to Belize. The house we have in Bullet Tree is terrible, I had to shower with a hose. Also the water looks like chocolate milk, I hope we can find those elders a new house soon. 

It is great to talk with the people here in Belize, they are pretty nice usually and are interested in talking with us(not usually to listen to our message however). I'm grateful for the mission, and I'm excited for General Conference next week. 

Everyone have a nice week,

Elder Gardner

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