Monday, September 5, 2016

Interchanges and "Emergency Interchanges"

Going to miss Elder Ostler
This has been a wild week. I had a two day interchange this week with the assistants to the president. I went with Elder Hacking to Belize City for a couple of days, but while on the interchange we were informed that Elder Ostler and I would have emergency changes. 

So basically I went up to Belize City for 2 days with a different companion, and then I returned to my original area, Benque, with a new companion. His name is Elder Johnson, I have a week to teach him the area because they are going to be taking both Elder Ostler and I out of this area. So, it looks like I'll have my 4th area in 4 transfers. This has been a crazy time! I feel like a hot potato, I just keep getting passed around!

It was nice to go up to Belize City, I got to speak criole for a couple of days which is always fun (if you can understand). It is basically messed up english, but if you listen and study a little bit you can start to understand it. It was also nice to go around in the truck with A/C with Elder Hacking for a few days, it almost felt unreal. I feel like a VIP going around in the dumpy truck they have, I also remembered when it was normal to go around in a car. 

We have been working hard here in Benque and we've been able to see some of the fruits of our labor. Many more members here have begun to regularly read their scriptures and say their prayers. We've tried to strengthen the members here and help some of the leaders come back to church, especially the adults that have the priesthood. It has been very cool to see the changes in these people as they try to repent and come closer to Christ. 

It's been hot here. But we've been working hard and I feel satisfied in my work, I hope that these people can continue faithful because they have good hearts and the gospel brings joy to them. I wish all would live the gospel because they would realize that it is a gospel of hope, joy, peace and love that has the power to change the world. 

Everybody have a great week,

Elder Gardner

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