Monday, September 12, 2016

4 Transfers, 4 Areas, My Belizean Tour Continues

Tomorrow I will leave Benque Viejo and go to another area. This will be the 4th consecutive transfer where I have moved areas, I've never heard of that happening before in the mission. But, I'm enjoying my tour of Belize. I show up to a place, I do the missionary work there for 6 weeks and then, I'M GONE!!! Now I will be companions with Elder Mejia from Mexico, we will be zone leaders over a large zone of 18 missionaries. So it'll be a lot of work and a lot of fun. 

It was a very rewarding week here in Benque, 3 adult males members of the church here in Benque came back this last weekend. It is great to see people who have fallen away from the gospel come back. They can feel the lack of something in their lives, and they rediscover it once again when they return. It is great to see people find happiness and inner peace. I hope these three great guys can provide some desperately needed leadership to the group here in Benque.

In this life we have the commandments, they are instructions from a loving Heavenly Father to a happy, abundant, and fulfilling life. When we keep the commandments of God, we are happy, have less problems, and receive blessings. When we disobey we lose blessings and lose opportunities to have a fulness of happiness. I don't care where people live or whether or not they are Mormons, Catholics, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or whatever. As individuals, as families, as nations, we will prosper as we keep the commandments of God. We have the instructions to a happy life and we only need follow them. I just wish people would see the moral decayment of our society, see the truth, and have their horizons broadened and filled with light.

I'm doing well, always slightly sunburnt. I'm going to a new area tomorrow, it is only about 20 minutes away so I'm going to pack my bags today, say goodbye, and I'll be a gone tomorrow at the break of dawn. 

I have less than 10 months left, that is crazy. I heard a house blasting some country music the other day and I was reminded of Idaho, I thought "wow, it's not too far off". Time flies by and you really got to make the best of each day, there's really no reason to be sad. Especially if you keep an eternal perspective in mind. 

I hope everyone has a good week, I send my best regards to all. 

With Love, 

Elder Gardner

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