Monday, August 8, 2016

Hurricane Earl and Benque Viejo

E. Schellenburg

Hurricane Earl

New Comp. E. Ostler

Missionaries coming from coastal areas that were evacuated from homes

pamphlets for Chinese store owners
Arkansas plate in Belize

I was in a hurricane this week, Hurricane Earl swept through belize earlier this week and hit us hard here in Benque Viejo. It was a fun experience, we didn't get into the house before the big rain hit so we got soaked! 

4 other missionaries who are assigned to Belize City and San Pedro came here to Benque to stay for a few days during the Hurricane. San Pedro and Belize City were hit hard so they were moved here for safety. Our little house here in Benque was crowded, but luckily we had enough mattresses so everyone slept through the storm. We had to stay in our house without leaving for a short time, but everyone was ok and no major damage was inflicted here in Benque. Just all the banana trees were ripped down, so, no more bananas for me!

This was my first week here in Benque, and although we had limited time to do visits due to the effect of the hurricane I met a lot of people. Here in Benque the church is very small, there is only a group here. The church building is the second floor of a house that is rented out. But there are some great people here, the main language here is spanish. 

We were walking past a reggae restaurant the other night and a guy named Henry Ford from California invited us in and bought us dinner. He was a native belizean, but he was really cool. He told us to get whatever we wanted on the menu and he invited us to a beer (which we courteously rejected). He had a great life story and he told us of his dreams of retirement here in Belize. 

We are visiting a lot of people who are interesting in learning right now, 2 of the people we are teaching, Jessica and Kaivan, came to church. There are a lot of people here so hopefully we'll have some great success in helping people learn of the restored gospel. 

I'm doing great. My companion, Elder Ostler, is a great guy and we click well. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to be here in Belize and to serve the people here. I'm grateful for all that God gives me and the opportunities that I have to serve Him. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and I invite all to visit and learn about it. I love the people of Belize, and it is a pleasure to teach them about Jesus Christ. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, 

With love, 

Elder Gardner

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