Monday, August 29, 2016


I'm doing pretty good. We are working hard here with Elder Ostler in Benque, he's a good guy. This area has been my hardest area by far, we just seem to get rejected by everyone that we talk too. Benque is a small town and about 6,000 live here. The work historically has always been very slow here, but we still have some very positive people that we are working with so we've been blessed. We had no investigators in church this weekend, but I'm not getting discouraged, we just got to move forward with a smile. I'm happy to be a missionary and to serve the Lord. 

Last P-day, we went to another ruin, called Xuantinich. It was a cool place to go and see. That is the third ruin that I've been too. The ruins are cool to see  


Because of the size of the group we speak every sunday in sacrament meeting. I talked about obedience and the sacrament and how the Lord will bless us with his Spirit as we keep those covenants. I felt good about my talk and the people paid attention so that was great to see. 

We cleaned our house very well this morning, I think that you would be pleased. We scrubbed everything down, mostly using Clorox to try and deeply clean some things. It turned out very well, I am glad that we cleaned it. It just feels nice to leave in a clean home, at the beginning of my mission the majority of my companions were very dirty so it is nice to have been living a lot cleaner during my time here in Belize. 

I know that this church is true. I'm grateful for all the Lord does for me, I try to recognize his hand in all things, and if I don't I always still know that He is in control. I know that Joseph Smith is the chosen seer of this dispensation, I know that the Bom is true and that the Priesthood has been restored. I'm just so grateful that I have the restored gospel, it is the power of salvation unto us. I feel lucky to have been born into the covenant, I see ppl reject the gospel all day, they just don't realize that it would make their lives easier and better, and that it would do so forever. 

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