Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Week!

Sign outside of store ran by Chinese (most store owners in Belize are Chinese)

The other night we went grocery shopping from a chinese grocery store, I didn't really need anything but I wanted some ramen so I just grabbed one package of ramen that cost a quarter. After I paid, the chinese lady asked me, is that all that you are going to have for dinner? I said yes, and to my great surprise she yelled something in chinese to a coworker and they brought my a big jumbo pack of ramen, some sausage, and some avocados. then she told me "now you have real dinner for today and tommorow"  I was shocked by the generosity of this lady, I previously had some stereotypes about the chinese in my head form other things that I have seen. 

But this completely changed my perspective, this act of generosity touched me not because I needed it or because they gave me anything particularly great, but because they did it! I've always made fun of how the chinese language sounds and of some of the mannerisms of the chinese people, but now I've gained a new appreciation and understanding of them after spending some time among them here in Belize.

 Last P-Day, we went and visited another zone, Cayo, and we did a p day together. We played volleyball, I got kind of bored so Elder kreutzer and I started throwing a football around adn we had a good time. He played football for a big high school in California as a receiver so he was fun to play catch with bcus he caught everything. 

We are working hard here in Benque, but this is the hardest area I have faced. Everyone shuts us down practically when we knock on their doors.

This week Belize legalized gay marriage. There were a lot of our investigators who wanted to talk about that, and they wanted to know about our stance on it. I'm honestly sick of talking about it and I think I'll just let the final judgement speak for itself. I'm sick of liberalism that is filling up the whole world, the prophecies which state that wickedness will be considered righteousness and righteousness will be considered wickedness are being fulfilled before our eyes. 

The american ambassador here is all about gays, he took it to such an extent that he had all the Belize news agencies go over to the American embassy and he raised the rainbow flag over our american embassy. Hearing that wasn't the greatest for me, it is too bad that the world is going off a moral cliff. But it just makes it even more important that we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all that will listen to us. 

Overlooking Benque

Translating Spanish to English for stake conference

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