Monday, July 18, 2016

Melchor, Guatemala‏

I'm doing great here in Melchor, I have been working hard and the overcast weather has been very refreshing for me and for the other missionaries. We walk under the sun 11 hours a day with smiles all year long, but when those clouds cover the sun to make it just a little nicer Elder Gardner's smile gets a little bigger! 

Elder Schellenberg and I are getting along good, we've been working hard and we've have been finding lots of families to teach which is fantastic! 

I had an interchange with Elder Sitani, he finishes his mission in two weeks, he is ready to return to Utah. It is interesting to see how different missionaries anticipate their imminent departures from the mission field back to their homes. 

We had a good week, we had a family come to church this weekend. We have been visiting them for a week and a half. They are called la familia Morfin Salazar. The Dad is very receptive to us and has insightful questions, and he actually understands what we are trying to say to him. People here have a very hard time understanding what we explain, so it is a joy to me when people understand what they are trying to explain to them. Once people understand, it is much easier for them to believe. 

I'm very grateful for the blessings of the Lord in my life. I am healthy, happy, and I'm a good state of general well being. I'm happy to be serving in my mission, I love to see people who are able to change their lives and come closer to their Maker. I know that the message that I share is true, and I'm happy to be working for the Lord. 

I hope you all have a great week, 

with best regards, 

Elder Gardner 

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