Sunday, July 10, 2016


Guatemala is completely different from Belize, it's similar to El Salvador but it's defnitely not the same at all. There is a lot less poverty here and in Melchor everyone here is kindof cut of from the rest of the world, I'm with my first american companion, Elder Schellenberg. I started talking to him in spanish the other day out of habit and he got mad, I like speaking spanish in all times in all places but he doesn't share my love for spanish so it's kinda funny. 

I'm doing good here in Guatemala, we knocked doors all week long and I was happy to see that the people here are somewhat receptive to us here. I do miss the chinese food, fried jacks, fried gachos, and barbecue chicken of Belize. But here they have some good hamburgers actually so I was expecting that haha. It's been rainy here so that has kept us cool at night but the one night it didn't rain I slept in my swept. It's hot here! I think that the luxury of a/c last transfer was a punishment because the adjustment has been a very harsh reality for me. 

I'm redder than ever, the day of transfers I failed to put on sunscreen bcus I assumed I'd be traveling by bus most of the day and i'd be out of the sun. I was partially correct, but I feel asleep in the bus against the window and the bus changed direction so I got burnt while I was sleeping! so I felt that was unfair, it should at least happen when I'm awake. But, what can you do? I can change the fact that I'm pink and blotchy and I burn easily. But, I keep taking care of myself and I'm trying to stay somewhat healthy. 

Some of my friends returned from their missions this week; I heard Jon Dorman actually got skinnier during his mission. People will not being saying the same about me when i get home, hahah. But it's all good, I like the food and I enjoy eating. 

I'm grateful to be here in the mission and I'm so lucky that I still have over a year left to work hard and try my best to help people come unto Jesus Christ and experience the happiness that I have in my life. I know the book of mormon is true and I love telling people about it, not in a forceful way as I did when I began my mission. I prefer to talk a direct but composed and more refined approach now. 

Have a great week, 

Elder Gardner

E. Schellenberg is in the red and E. gonzalez is the furthest away

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