Monday, June 20, 2016

Me? IN Guatemala?‏

Yep. I received the transfer call last night and I learned that I am going to Guatemala and that my area here in Orange Walk is going to be whitewashed. I'm headed to Melchor in Guatemala, this will be the third country in which I have served. Melchor is the only part of our mission that is in Guatemala, people from Belize go back and forth from Melchor all the time so that is why it is included in our mission.

I had begun to really love Orange Walk and the people here and the next thing you know I'm gone! So that is crazy that I'll be headed to a third country to serve. El Salvador, Belize, and now Guatemala. I really love Belize and I hope that I get the opportunity to come back here again because Belize is awesome. 

This week we had a good time, we ate a giant hamburger as part of our district meeting on thursday, played basketball at an activity, and I ate a huge plate of Chicken Fry Rice. On Sunday my companion spent the day saying goodbye to people so that was a little sad for him, he has been here for 6 months. 

This week I forgot my umbrella one day and that was the day that it monsooned, so that was terrible. I felt like I got wet under my skin, I might as well have just as jumped into a swimming pool with how wet I got. My mother made me buy a waterproof camera before I came instead of a normal, I'm grateful for her foresight.

I had a great week and I am doing great, always steadily gaining weight. I'm so grateful to have the restored gospel in my life, I know that I'm doing what God wants and I feel His presence in my life. I'm grateful for my Savior and the Atonement that He accomplished for me. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, 

from the most pink man in Belize, 

Elder Gardner

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