Monday, June 13, 2016

Goodbye to Mission President‏

 my friend E. Kleinman‏

Here I am with a member of the church named Brother Stamp

Our mission president came this week to have one last multizone conference and to say goobye to all of us. President Hintze was a great guy and I am grateful for his service, it was a pleasure to have him as our mission president. 

When I visited Belize city a guy was harrasing us to buy "jahny caks" (johny cakes, in Belize, I don't believe spelling is an emphasis in schooling). They are these biscuit like bread things, they are pretty good but it was funny to have people try to sell stuff to us in creole. I have begun to understand creole, it really is only broken english, but to speak it is something completely else. I don't ever believe that I will be able to speak creole, and if I did attempt to learn it I think it would mess up my english haha.

Not too much happened this week other than that, we've found some new people to teach who are very receptive so that is cool. There is a guy that lived his whole life in Dallas named Fernando Ayuso that we are teaching, he is a really cool guy and he is interested in learning more and he said he'll come to church next week before we even invited him. We also found a guy named Cecilio that invited us into his house to teach him "the word", so that was another great opportunity. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here in Belize and to help people learn about the restored gospel, it is a fun time, although often very frustrating. 

There is only seven days left until the next transfer, I think I transfer would be good for both my companion and I as we are completely different and we are getting sick of one another. I can honestly tell you that I've met few lazier people in my life, but at least we've gotten along well this transfer. But one more, no creo que yo aguante. 

Espero que tengan todos una feliz semana llena de bendiciones. Cuidense bastante and enjoy the NBA finals!


Elder Gardner

 my companion is shown resting

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