Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Birthday, Baptism, and trip to Lamanai‏

Happy 19th birthday Elder Gardner

Sweet Sister missionaries made pineapple cake!

Baptism of Victoria

Lamanai Ruins

at the ruins, E. Mitchell and comp, E Gardner

It was a great week this week. We were very busy, on wednesday we had to go to Belize City to work on my immigration papers with an agent from the church. My papers are all good and I'll be ok to stay here legally in Belize but some others had some problems with getting a work permit so hopefully they don't get thrown into jail! That actually happened to one missionary before but hopefully they avoid it. 

On Thursday we had a zone conference that was held here in my area of Orange Walk. That was nice because we didn't have to travel too much. 

ON Friday it was my birthday, the day was very normal but at night we had a little party at a mexican restaurant by our house. The owners of the restaurant knew it was my birthday so they surprised me with a cake and they made me wear the hat and I got sung some mariachi song that all of the missionaries knew in my district but I didn't know. It was fun and it was a pineapple cake so it tasted good, everybody at the place got a kick out of watching me so that was good. They also pushed my face into the cake so that was fun, but everyone still ate it I just got my face all sticky. 

On Sunday we had a baptism of Victoria, I knocked on her door almost a month ago immediately after arriving here in Belize. so it has been very cool to see how the gospel has changed her life, her baptism was a cool event. After the baptism, she shared her testimony with everyone how she feels like she "has come home" and that "this has made her happy" so that was great for me to see. It makes it all worth it to be here in the mission when you can see how much it can mean to people ot come to Christ. 

On Monday we visited some Mayan ruins called Lamanai, it was a great boat ride and I had a fun time seeing those sites. I took some good pictures and my companion wore some hideous pants, haha, everyone got a kick out of that. 

With best regards to all, 

Elder Gardner
Zone Conference

E. Crazy Pants, E. Rojas

E. Rojas getting something out of eye- he is screaming

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