Monday, May 30, 2016


It seems a little unreal that I will be turning 19 on friday. I still feel like a little boy on the inside, I don't want to be old. 

But, I'm doing great here in Belize. It is so so so hot but that is ok. The food here is great, lots of fried food and barbecue. this week I saw the ocean and never have I had such great desires to dive into the crystal clear water that is in Corozal in Belize. But, I can't go swimming so I'll just have to wait, haha. 

I fell over while walking this week, I wanted to scare my companion so I stayed down and held my arm weird so it looked like I broke it. He isn't one who likes gruesome sights so when I made a cracking noise he thought it was my arm and screamed! Haha, so that funny, then I jumped back up laughing and relatively uninjured. 

I am glad to be here in Orange Walk, the people are great here and we are helping several people to improve their lives by coming unto Christ. I am happy, enjoying, and hot with this sweltering heat. My watch tan line is killer, I will send a picture of that next week. I know that God loves each one of us and that He is interested in our eternal well being, He listens when we pray, He wants to help us. 

I hope that everyone has an awesome week. I love you all!

Elder Gardner

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