Monday, February 29, 2016

I am doing great

Well, this week was fantastic!

On Sunday I was told 5 minutes before Sacrament meeting that I would be giving a 10 minute talk in Spanish so that was a lot of fun, I think it went well, I spoke on the importance of repentance and the Atonement. 

I went on an interchange with Elder Rassmussen on Tuesday and these two ladies chased us and called us guapos, so that was a little disturbing. then this lady told me ¨me estan gustando su cuerpo¨, after she told me that I left in haste. Elder Rassmussen didn´t understand exactly what the lady said so that was uncomfortable....haha.

Also later on that night we met a guy who speaks perfect english, he learned by watching movies only. He used vocabulary that I haven´t heard in 7 months, this guy works in a call center, I was impressed by this guy´s english and his family first attitude, really a great guy. 

I went on an interchange with Elder Melendez on thursday, he is a great missionary, he was in Belize last transfer and he returned from being an assistent to the President in Belize. So he is a seasoned veteran and it is nice to have a good reliable district leader like him in the zone. 

We are teaching some people who love the message and the gospel but say they won´t be baptized bcus they already were baptized. We explained to them what it means to be authorized to do baptisms but it didn´t really matter. That is the most difficult concept to explain in this country, the priesthood and the authority to act in the name of God. 

Another problem is that private Christian schools require that all the little kids get baptized before they can go to the school. So they require people to be baptized for entrance, that is just twisted and perverted to me.

We met this 91 yr old lady in this little street, we talked about families, life, and marriage. She said she has never been married, she said that it is better to fornicate than to be married. we tried to reason with her but to no avail. As the prophets of old said ¨Oh ye wicked and perverse generation¨ 

So, nobody emptied the baptismal font from 9 days ago so I had to do it on Saturday and I got wet....need to remember to pull the plug.

But, overall I am doing great, I am happy to be serving my Lord in this time of my life and I will try to take advantage of every moment. I can scarcely believe that march has come upon us. 

I hope you all have an incredible week!


Elder Gardner


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