Monday, February 15, 2016

From the Center of the Murder Capital of the World‏

National Cathedral

p day national library... I took the zone there, kinda fun aren't a lot of choices on P Day

birthday of elders

El Salvador, San Salvador

terrrific view from my interchange to amatapec

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 Elder Burris

District Meeting

My area I am in right now is the dead center of El Salvador, the National Palace, Cathedral, the central market, and many government buildings are all in my proselyting area. El Salvador is currently the most murderous country in the world, I am living in the hood right now so I definitely have been a witness right in the thick of things. But I am not worried because the Lord protects us.

I am really enjoying myself here and we are having some good success in my area, we were blessed with a baptism this saturday and that was a really cool experience. We also had a lot of people who are not members of the church come to church on Sunday so that was an awesome, in our area we are helping a lot of people to improve their lives and accept the Gospel so I am having a lot of fun.

This last p day we put our money together and played b ball so that was awesome, I hadn't played b ball in a long time so that was fun. I am still decent so that was really fun to be able to play against some other elders. 

This wednesday I will be getting a new companion so that will be interesting to see who will come to my area with me. 

I did several interchanges this week, I visited the area of Amatepec with Elder Burris and that was a ton of fun. We ate pupusas, drank Coca Cola, and found some more people to teach in his area that has been difficult so that was really awesome to see. 

I am enjoying myself here in El Salvador, I usually make a list of all the exciting things that happen in the week and bring them to write, but I forgot the list and I struggle to remember. 

I wish everyone a super great week and I hope that everyone is enjoying the nice 75 degree weather that I am enjoying right now! 

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