Monday, February 8, 2016

Elder Gardner-Great Week!‏

I had an interchange with Elder Kaufusi this week, that was a blast. That boy can put down some food, we ate Baleadas, Pupusas, and Pan dulce all in the same night and it was extremely delicious (there is a reason I am gaining weight, it is difficult when ppl just give me so much food). We found some really positive people to teach and I hope that we can continue finding  new positive people to teach this week. 

In the interchange with Elder Kaufusi we knocked on this guy's door and he asked us "What are doing here?" So that was easy, I told him. But he said "No, that wasn't my question. Why in the heck would you leave the best place in the world to come here?" I shared my testimony of the restored gospel with him but it was a funny little chat with the guy. 

I did my first baptismal interview, in this you ask people about what they have learned about the gospel, you get to hear their testimony, and then you ask them if they are willing to make this grand covenant with God and follow His commandments. I did an interview for this 18 year old girl and it was a good experience, it is cool to hear about how people become converted to the gospel and begin to feel the truth of the message in their hearts. 

Elder Gallardo might be the strangest man I have ever met, he has a good heart but that little guy is driving me right up a wall. In the United States we have a bubble, a space where other people just don't enter because it is too close to us, especially around the face. He has been disrespecting my bubble in a very severe manner. He is also really worried about buying all of his souvenirs before he goes, this irritates me because I am focused in my missionary work and I have to deal with this nonsense.

The weather is great here! It is about 75 degrees and I am loving it! But the people here are walking around with heavy jackets and my companion shivers whenever it drops below 80. I think that maybe latinos are warm blooded, it is so nice here and all they do is complain!

My companion loves fruit, it is about all that he eats, I have seen that man eat 46 bananas in one  night. He is on another level of fruit eating, so last night he asked a family for papaya (rudely) and they generously offered him a few little slices. But he took that as a warm welcome to the inside of the refrigerator and he ate a whole papaya! 

I am having some great success in my area, our lessons are incredible. I can feel a love for the ppl when I am teaching and the Spirit is really strong in our lessons. I look people in the eyes, I tell them that I know that these things are true and that Jesus lives, the Holy Spirit comes into the room and we can all feel it. I then invite the people to change their lives and the people say yes, I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I know Jesus lives, I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I am grateful and happy to be a missionary. 

Have a great week,
Elder Gardner

Elder Gardner & Elder Kaufusi 

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