Monday, February 1, 2016

the ex president of El Salvador died yesterday

Well we had a grand PDay planned to play soccer against another zone and then our soccer ball broke after 20 minutes so that was super lame. But it was still fun to be able to socialize with the missionaries from other areas and to see how they are doing. 

I had an interchange with the Assistent to the President Elder Bingham on Tuesday, it felt so weird going around everywhere in a car. We drove to our appointments and we didn't have to walk so that just felt really weird. It has been over 6 months since I have been able to use vehicles. But, we had a great time, we ate KFC adn pupusas and had some good lessons with investigators.

I had a dream the other night about Cadbury eggs I always ate around easter, Peanut Butter, adn Trail Mix. I guess those of some of the things that my subconciousness is missing right now. 

During church yesterday we had some great meetings but there were a ton of gunshots during sacrament meeting, it was a little hard to focus because usually the people only use shotguns and rifles but someone got their hands on a submachine gun so the police were all over this area yesterday. So we kinda avoided going over there yesterday bcus it was a little "hot" over there, there were some flared emotions yesterday for sure.

Also the ex president of El Salvador died yesterday, (well he didn't just die he got murdered). So this president had stolen of ton of money from the country and he didn't fulfill his promises. His term ended in 2004 and ever since he has been on the run from the ppl who don't have fond feelings for him. Sadly, after his death yesterday, everyone was launching off fireworks last night in celebration of this man's death. The fireworks were huge and they were sweet, but it was a bad reason to be celebrating. 

But I am doing great, I am having fun working and trying to help ppl make changes in their life to come closer to Jesus Christ and receive the blessings of His restored gospel. I love missionary work, I am grateful that our Savior was willing to give His life so we can become stronger and become clean of our sins through baptism. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, please smile and laugh, enjoy yourselves!


Elder Gardner

foto of national cathedral, I was scared to take this picture bcus it is super dangerous to pull out your camera,....Have a great week

E. Gardner with eye infection- luckily cleared up quickly
Elder Gallardo likes to sleep
I guess Little Ceasars Pizza is in San Salvador

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