Monday, March 7, 2016

Double Baptism‏

Buenos Dias, espero que todos tuvimos una buena semana. Todo bien aca en El Salvador! !Vemos y apredemos nuevas cosas cada dia!

We had a great week this week here in the mission, it was way busy with a lot of meetings and a lot of events but we had a good week. 

We had a Zone Leaders Meeting on tuesday and we got Pizza Hut! So that was really cool, they talked to us about always being positive and encouraging the misionaries that we are in charge of. Always trying to help these people to be excited to do the coolest thing on earth. 

On Friday, President Hintze came to our zone and checked all of our houses. Our house was pretty clean but he got mad at us because the freezer was dirty (which doesn't work) and because my comp wasn't using his mosquito net. So we got reprimanded a little bit for those little problems in our house but overall it was pretty clean, but some of the houses of the other elders are absolute disasters, and as President Hintze told them "unfit for living". So some of the other elders got roasted by President, so that was a little awkward because we went along with him to all of the houses. 

My former companion Elder Gallardo continues to haunt me a little bit, a member complained to me that he tried to steal a bunch of toys from her 5 year old son. Apparently, when Elder Gallardo was with a different missionary, he went to this house, loaded up a bunch of toys in his backpack and tried to walk away. So my former companion continues to taunt me with complaints of the people here...haha. 

We had a great day on Saturday, we had 2 baptisms on Saturday and both of them were confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost the same day. So that was a really cool experience, P. Hintze came, it was fun. 

I got sick this week, again. I think I have a full on eye infection, I have been walking around with Sunglasses because the sun burns my eyes. So I am suffering a little bit right now, but it is all probably good for me. I am doing great overall!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Elder Erickson

President Hintze playing fotbal with little kids

double baptism

Mosquitto netting on beds

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