Monday, November 7, 2016

I Fall in a ditch, We visit the sick

Belize Police

crazy chinese sign

The zone

stepping in sewer

We had a good week. My companion is only 30 days away from going home and that occupies the large majority of his thoughts. He is very trunky, all day I get to hear how great Mexico is and how many different girls are waiting for him (I believe they are mostly imaginary). But anyways he is excited to go home, haha. 

I slipped on a rock and slipped into a little ditch, my left leg was submerged in the muck. It went in just below the knee, and when I pulled out my leg it had a thick coating of dark gray much all over it. My foot was covered in sewage, pretty nasty. I made a lot of people laugh and I was able to laugh it off as well .Some kids sprayed off my leg with a hose, so that was nice of them . I had to go back to the house and clean out my shoe becaue it was literally full of crap 

We are visiting a lot of great families. It is great to see how they learn more as they read the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon, I can show it to people and simply challenge them to figure out for themselves if it is true by reading it and asking God sincerely. If people do this they can know whether our message is true or not. I've read the Book of Mormon and I can still remember when I decided to figure out if it was true or not and I received and answer to my prayers. I challenge all people to read the Book of Mormon, it can help all of us to improve our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

I hope everyone is doing good back at home, when I tell people I have 8 months left they start to tease me and tell me I'm almost done. I still have plenty of time left and I hope I'll never become so pathetic in my attitude of "trunkiness" like my companion. I'm grateful to be on my mission, it  is a wonderful time. I hope that all of you have a good week. 

Elder Gardner

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