Monday, April 18, 2016

It's been a while...‏

How is everyone doing? 

I am doing great here in San Salvador!

We had some baptisms here last week and that was a really special experience to take part in that! I love seeing people make changes in their lives that make them happy and allow them to enjoy life more fully. This week was a lot of fun, we worked really hard and several people that we are teaching are progressing towards baptism. I am enjoying my mission and the opportunity to be able to help people be happier, I know that Jesus lives and that this message is true.

It is mango season! I have sure been enjoying that, fresh mangoes for 5 cents is a good deal. They are kinda sticky and messy but they sure taste good. 

I made a bad mistake with my spanish this week, I learned a word "mamada". Which means two things in spanish, one of its meaning is hikkie. So somebody told me that I had a hikkie because my neck was red and had a little rash from my shirt collar. I didn't know what the word meant but I learned the word for hikkie in that moment. Later, we visited the house of the people who got baptized last weekend. They asked me why my neck was all red, I told them that I had a "mamada". Apparently mamada is a bad word and it has an alternative meaning that is gross. I will not proceed to explain what this word is but google translator can shed some further light if anyone would like to know. I told them I had received a "mamada", how embarrasing. My worst spanish messup in over 6 months!

Overall I am doing great, in 3 weeks there will be transfers and I have a feeling I may be visiting a different country pretty soon. I am unsure but we will see, Belize could be headed my way. But, wherever the Lord sends me I will be happy and continue to work hard. 

I love you all and wish you all a fantastic week, 

Elder Gardner

spaghetti with mayo or called "la cream"

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