Monday, November 2, 2015

Wild Week

Dont have much time but I have some funny stories and advice. 

1. Avoid Gossip, I've seen it do some ppl in

2. Be patient, and smile while you are being patient.

So we were teaching familia alvarez and we had to do the heimlich on a child who choked while my companion was praying

my first investigator from my first area was baptized, Juan Montano, Elder Gee showed me the photo. It is awesome to see my labors coming to a little fruition.

So I met this guy from Alabama, ""hey utah! Is that sunscreen you're putting on?" I heard that southern accent and I just smiled, I talked with this dude for like an hour. All of his family live in the U.S. but he got deported, he lived for 35 years, his whole life over there so I feel a little bad for him. I'm not sure why he got deported. And I was spraying mosquito spray, not sunscreen. 

Also these members invited us to dinner after I had been fasting all day, I hate half of a pan of lasagna. They were horrified and amused, but that lasagna was delicious and I'm so grateful for that meal. Alvaro and Gabrielle Merino (the family) will always be some of my favorites. 

A dude tried to jump us, he asked for our money and our phone but we just told him no. I started laughing bcus he didn't even have a gun, after all the times ppl have wanted stuff from me they should at least have a gun if they want to intimidate me.

So, it was a good week. I'm gaining weight, I don't want to lie. Any resemblance of a 6 pack that I had before the mission has all gone away. I am learning a lot about relationships and how to get along with ppl. I have learned a lot about self reliance as well, I have a testimony that Jesus is my Savior. I believe that he has restored his gospel and given us the Book of Mormon to bless us and give us the truth. I invite every one of you to read the book of mormon and pray with real intent to know whether it is true. I promise you the Lord can answer your prayers.

I send my love to all, Have a great week.

Love, Elder Gardner

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