Monday, November 9, 2015

Que Loco, esta gente a veces.....‏

Well I taught some interesting lessons this week. We basically find all of our people to teach by knocking doors, it is hard to receive references from other people because nobody know their address here. So, as always, to find people we talk to them in the streets and knock on doors.

I was working in a neighborhood called the Santisima Trinidad this week and I taught a lesson on a door step to a women named Genesis Valle, she is about 20. We were having a great lesson and conversation until her mother came, she is a crazy Evangelico, she starting screaming at us and she informed us she was a prophet. So, this lesson was just nuts, this lady had a dog named Kobe Bryant (who is my least favorite basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, due to his poor treatment of the Utah Jazz), Kobe Bryant was barking so loud and he was trying to get up on my lap. Kobe was an absolutue nuisance, I could barely hear myself talking, and this lady was yelling at us with her "prophetic authority", to make matters worse the neighbors cranked up some Japanese meditation music so then it was just absolute chaos. I wanted so say, thank you, we are always here to serve you and share if you want to learn more, but we'll pass by another day. But, no, my companion Elder Zelaya persistently argued with the lady, so that was a really just frustrating experience. Kobe Bryant is still making my blood pressure rise in the mission the same as he did before.

We are teaching teh Familia Gonzalez, they are super friendly and they have come to church for two weeks. They will be baptized around the end of November, they are great and I hope they can continue to learn more and experience the peace and blesssings that the restored gospel can bring to their lives.

I also taught a self proclamed "man witch"this week. He prays to San Simone, I'm unsure of who that is exactly, but he also smokes red cigarretes for love, blue for health, black for death, and yellow for wisdom. I am a little uncertain about his practices but he is alittle crazy, his house is not a house that I will make a priority to return to.

Last week, I was basically the entertainment for the activity in Barrio Vista Hermosa, I danced and DJ'd a talent show. The people loved it when I danced and my area isn't in the Barrio Vista Hermosa, but the other missionaries who work over in that area have informed me that I have achieved celebrity status in that area. I will post a picture.

I'm doing well overall, I have learned a lot of life lessons in my mission so far. I have learned a lot about patience, tolerance, and the importance of prayer. I can say with my whole being that God answers prayers, he listens, and he knows what is best for us. He doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we want Him to, but He answers.

The world is a wicked place, I am in a country that is losing its culture, and is filled with violence. My heart goes out to the people here, I just want to help them experience a little happiness in a dark world, I firmly believe that the greatest source of happiness in this life is a knowledge that through Jesus Christ and living the principles of His gospel, we can live together with our families for eternity. I encourage all of you to smile this week, look for opportunities to serve another, and to be grateful for all that God does for you. 

With love, 

Elder Gardner


 view of San Salvador from up on a hill
 this couple former missionaries who feed them on Sundays

 Zone Conference

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