Monday, October 26, 2015

Interesting Things Went Down this week‏

All is good here, I am always learning patience and tolerance with my Honduranian companion. I spoke in church two weeks ago, everyone could understand my talk so that was good. At least I feel like they understood, they were nodding their heads like they did.

So we went to Papa Johns for the last P Day, they had the All you can eat deal, so that was good. The other latino missionaries only ate like 6 slices, well, I ate 2 pizzas. It was fantastic and the employess at Papa Johns looked at me like I was some kind of freak, that was fun. I really could have eaten more but I stopped just because I was satisfied, perhaps if I return I will try to top 2 whole pizzas. I can say confidently that meal was the best I've had on my mission, I don't know if Papa Johns is better here or if it just tastes better in comparison to everything else I eat... I was fed cow tongue and turtle eggs this week. Those were gross, I just swallowed and prayed I didn't throw up.

Happy birthday to my sister Katelyn, I'm not there to properly embarrass her so if any of you see her please sing for me.

I went to an area called Vista Hermosa with Elder Herrera on an interchange, a boyfriend and girlfriend got in a huge fight in front of us and I learned several disturbing things about their relationship, I want to forget that moment, I guess he has thrown his girlfriend out in the rain with the gangsters in the streets multiple times. Just horrible.

So we went to teach some little kids and we brought a middle aged women from our ward to the lessons so she could invite them to activities and relate to the kids in a way that really only women can do. But she brought her baby too, I was more than a little disturbed when I realized that she was breast feeding during the lesson with no covering. So we went around to all of these people's houses with this lady  ( she's a really nice lady, great person) and she kept breast feeding. So those were some interesting lessons.

So I had lunch at a lady's house with some cops. one of them has his own church and he started doing this sermon to us during lunch. That was funny, we just shared a little bit of our beliefs with him and he agreed to read a pamphlet we left him. He was crazy, some of the people that carry around machine guns here really aren't qualified. It used to bother me to see ppl with huge guns, but it is very normal to me now, I probably see 100 daily, at least.

The attitude of gratitude has changed my perspecitve on a lot of things, I feel happier about myself and my situation although there are a lot of things I could be negative about. If you learn to be grateful for what you have in any moment your life will improve. I promise that Jesus lives and has provided us a way to live a happier and fuller life.

With best regards to all, 

Love, Elder Gardner

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