Monday, September 7, 2015

The Field

Things get real in the field, I am in the poorest place I have ever visited and I am the only white person that I see all day. It is really strange, wild dogs run rampant, cows stampede through the streets. IN my area there are no paved roads, my town Joya de Ceren is the poorest I have seen yet. These people live in shacks, no AC, little money, and they have to drink the filthy water here, it is hard to see. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share just a sprinkle of hope with them. 
Homesickness is real, it sets in once you are isolated in a place like I am with a companion who only speaks Spanish and isn´t really obedient to the rules and doesn´t have a ton of excitement about the great opportunity that we have to serve the ppl. I miss home, I want all of you to enjoy a bowl of cereal, a glass of milk, ice cream, a piece of toast, and all of the simple things that I won´t be having for quite a time. The reason I am willing to go through with this is because I know that this gospel is true, I realized that I am being humbled right now. I am in some extremely tough circumstances and it isn´t easy. But I believe that I am being challenged right now so that I will come through stronger. 
I will continue to live the life of papusas, poverty, and no privileges happily because of this. I want you all to know that there is hope for all of us, choose your attitude, choose to be happy. 
Elder Gardner

 Inside my new home. Looks like I may need some cleaning supplies.

This is me riding in the bus for several hours from Guatemala to El Salvador then due to bus threats having to go back and take a plane to El Salvador.  Long Day!

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