Monday, September 28, 2015

 Elder Gardner and Elder Garfield. companions from CCM or MTC
 Elder Lopez
 Elder Gardner excited to find his favorite mini wheats

 Some fun Elders
 AP Elder Coates
 Elder Gardner, Pres. and Sister Hintze, ElderValladares
 First baptism
The end of a long day!

El Salvador: Crazy Things Happen

So I was approached by a random drunk guy this week, I thought he was going to ask me for money. But instead, he told me I was beautiful and that he loved me, and proceeded to give me a handful of dimes so I could buy some water. I laughed about that one, I'm not even sure how he had money.

I have learned that my companion is a little bit moody this week. His life is a little roller coaster, but he's a good guy. I don't think I've seen so many dramatic ups and downs in one week with one person in my entire life. When he gets down he sings Maroon 5 to himself in an exceedingly high voice, it's a bit annoying but he's a good guy and we get along fine.

I had my first baptism this week, his name was Arnold Flores. It was a great moment and to see the looks on the face of his mother who was already baptized was super great. He has an opportunity to move forward and do great things.

President Hintze came to our ward to deliver a "Noche de Hogar'". We had a great turnout, lots of ppl came and listened to him talk about the "tree of life vision"in 1 Ne. CH 8 of the Book of Mormon. 

People here love movies, you may not have a fridge or toilet in your house if you live here. But, you will have a TV. Everyone loves the Titanic, i have seen the Titanic playing a ton. Then they turn up the volume at the end and cry with the last song, " Wherever you are" or whatever it's called. All the people here are super nice and they always say hello, I wish they would wear more clothing and brush their teeth but it's their hearts that count. 

I'm doing great, I'm always happy, I always smile because these people sometimes need a bit of joy in their lives. I always am complimenting people and trying to make them smile as well. I'm working hard, seeing crazy things, and learning a lot about this life and myself.

I believe that God blesses families, the families are the source of our greatest joy in this life and we should always strive to strengthen relationships and love within the family. We don't realize how much families do for each other. I know that Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families, and that they can live happily forever in and after this life. 

With Love to All, and the best regards,

Elder Nathan Scott Gardner

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