Monday, September 21, 2015

Los Llanitos‏

I have a new area, Los Llanitos, it is in the outskirts of San Salvador. My new companion is named Elder Valladares, he's a good guy. 

This week we worked hard and performed service for people, provided consolance, and taught people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I had to learn the ropes in the new area. I have a super market here! What a luxury ti seems like, I got some foods like cereal and bread that I have been missing a lot. But it just isn't the same, the milk is in cartons here and it tastes funny, I always will look forward to the day when I get some real milk again. 

This one guy we were teaching invited us to have dinner with him, and I thought " oh boy, this could be bad" My fears were immediately confirmed as I saw what we were about to eat, a mashed potato mix with some like cornmeal stuff, beans, and mayo. They think mayo is something they can just like eat separately here. It is really weird, they think that you can just eat mayo plain, I find it repulsive. To top it off they were serving a watermelon drink, basically a smoothie. I could tell the guy was super pleased with what we were about to eat but I was nervous, I told him I was allergic to the watermelon and he was speculative. So I wasn't sure what to think, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. But I almost threw up after I forced that meal down, straight gross.

Nobody tried to kiss me this week, so that was good. The buses are still nuts, I got smashed up between two bigger ladies earlier this week and my stomach hurt bcus I got crushed. They were some big ladies, and the music in the buses is often deafening, it is so loud. I remember Sam Lungren telling me about El Salvador and all of the things he told me are coming to my remembrance and I'm seeing them in real life. I appreciate the foresight he gave me. Please tell him that I'm living out everything he told me and it's really crazy and exciting simultaneously. I don't have a big culture shock but some of the other elders I saw at a meeting earlier this week are missing home a ton, they're having a hard time.

I've decided my favorite type of pupusas is chicken, and also beans and cheese. I am very obviously gaining weight, I need to cut back on the soda and on how many pupusas I'm eating. The problem is that soda is safer to drink than water, so hopefully I'll be all good with that. I've been meticulous with using only clean water and maintaining my health. I've avoided the dreaded diarrhea up to this point and I don't plan on contracting it.

I've been working really hard this week, I study every day to become a better teacher and to become more like Christ. I'm constantly working to develop myself personally, to become self sufficient and self disciplined. I work on my patience, humility, and trying to see the good in others constantly. I'm always making the decision to be happy, and to enjoy myself, I'm here to help other people. Especially to help them see that Jesus Christ has restored the truth, and has restored His church again in the earth to help us.

I miss you all, and send the absolutely best regards.Take care, and enjoy your milk, your couches, beds, food, and all of the things that are great about America for me!

Elder Nathan Scott Garder

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