Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Crazy Week

Wow, a lot happened. 
A girl on monday grabbed my face, told me that she loved me and that I had pretty blue eyes and tried to kiss me! I immediately withdrew before she was able to do it, and was a little shocked. I was so surprised, I was shaking this older lady´s hand, and her daughter came out of nowhere to the side and just grabbed my face. But I reacted quickly enough to avoid her, she was probably like 16 or 17 so that was definitely weird. 
A gang member also told me that he was coming for me, that was a little bothersome as well. I was unsure of his blood alchohol level, but I´m pretty sure he had been partaking of some liquor. So, that was sure interesting, but I´m not worried about it. 
I am beginning to love papusas, we eat them every night for dinner. We don´t have any choice but papusas so I guess it´s a good thing that I like them. I´ve been trying to not drink a ton of soda, but we still have it a couple times a week just because there is more of it here than water. 
The streets are covered with trash, you´d think it isn´t that hard to use a garbage can. But it is I guess, so the streets are all just loaded with trash. So that is definitely a little gross, there is also a stream of water on each side of the street and I´m unsure of whether it is grey water or sewage. But, I think I figured it out, it´s both. 
Today, I´m going to have an emergency change due to circumstances in the mission. So I´m excited to see who my new companion is and where I´m going....
Everything is a little nuts because of that right now and I´m feeling a little frantic, so I guess we´ll see how everything goes down. 
El Salvador is fun, it is a little crazy and the people consume a lot of beverages of the alcoholic variety. But, the ppl are so cool, they always say hi, and they´re chill, much more polite than people on the street in America. Culture is definitely a bit different here, but it´s cool. I was a little homesick last week, but I´m beginning to acclimate to everything and although I still miss home, I´m excited to be here spreading the good news of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. 
So, I´m a little rushed and excited right now, I don´t have sufficient time to write any more but I just want to send my best regards to you all and tell you that if we persevere with patience and faith, we´ll be rewarded. 
With Love, 
Elder Gardner

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