Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!‏

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, I decided the food I miss the most is cookies with milk. Sugar cookies, peanut butter with a hershey kiss in the middle, gingersnap, wow, those are quite a unrealistic dream for me right now. But all is well here in El Salvador, the pupusas still keep me going!

Last Monday we went to a wannabe mexican restaurant and I ate my first burrito in 5 months, it wasn't great but I still enjoyed it. I then played 3.5 hours of soccer, I wish it was basketball but I am enjoying the tactics of the sport and I have been very effective on defense. 

So I locked myself out of my house. I was on an exchange with Elder Anaya, an I busted a window pane out of my house and used it to unlock the door. I used the window pane to open the door from the inside. It was really sketchy how easily I can break into my house, but I was happy that I was clever enough to break into a house although it was my own.

Somebody threw a grenade in our neighborhood, that was really scary, I was inside but I heard shrapnel go everywhere. People always launch fireworks as well but they are really loud and people like to shoot them really low over houses, I thought we were being bombed one time but I am used to hearing really loud explosions and not reacting now.

If you don't ever have to meet a man witch in your life don't feel too bad. I met this guy in a pasaje and he invited us into our house. He promptly proceeded to explain how is Satan's son and how he is in communication with the devil, San Simon, and Judas Iscariot. So I almost starting laughing, this guys was nuts and he had his eyes open really wide and he kept licking his lips like a lunatic. He then brought us into his little patio, there he had this big Satan setup. It was a table with 8 or 9 photos of Satan and San Simon, a bunch of candles, glasses of wine and water, and these colored liquids. This guy was relatively harmless, so I asked him what he did on his little altar. 

He went into the other room to go grab a book, while he was gone I was looking at his altar and I touched one of his little goat god statues. He caught me in the act, he started screaming satanic chants at me and cursing me in the name of a bunch of demons. He asked me "Did you touch the holy blah blah blah?" I started laughing bcus this guy was just nuts and he told me that I am "touched"by the the devil, I will not live to see my 30th birthday, I will lose a leg, and supposedly the devils were going to come to sleep with me that very night. But, nothing happened and I feel fine....I slept well and without demons. So we'll see if I happen to run into this guy again, he warned me that he was in communion with all the other devil worshippers and that all the members of his group will seek me out...hahaha. So that was a funny little experience.

All is well here in San Salvador, I am growing to care more about others and think less about myself. I like helping others and this week I painted these old peoples houses and helped a guy lift a washing machine, it is hard to plan service bcus you just don't know where to begin here. Everything needs service, but I like to help people and when I see someone struggling I always offer service. 

I love Christmas. There is a special spirit even here in El Salvador, the presents are a lot cheaper and the decorations are much less elaborate but I know that Christ lives, and He loves us. I know He has left a plan which is His gospel which enables everyone of us to return to live with Him if we use to power of His atoning sacrifice to help us in our lives. Show the love of Christ to someone this week, someone who maybe won't have Christmas, or maybe someone who just needs a friend, compliment, or a little treat. This is the spirit of Christmas, which is really the Spirit of Jesus Christ, selfless service motivated by love. 

Happy Holidays to all, 

Elder Gardner

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