Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - from El Salvador‏

Well, Christmas was awesome this week. 

The highlight of the week was being able to talk with my family on Skype, I love them and I was so happy to be able to talk to them after all of this time. I know that families are special and that they can be together forever with the help of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

The people here celebrate Christmas on the 24th and we went to the house of Familia Vasquez and we ate some beef and watched kids use fireworks. It was a lot of fun, and of course we were given a lot of Coca Cola to drink because the people here are still convinced that Coca Cola is just the very best thing in the world. 

I got my first bee sting in El Salvador this week, I got stung in the ear and my ear was really fat during the beginning of this week, that was a nasty little sting. But my ear was swollen, so it was kinda funny that I had one elf like ear in the days leading up to Christmas. 

On Christmas Day, we were walking back to our house due to a severe lack of buses and I was tired and thirsty, but for some reason, this guy in a taxi that I don't really know stopped and offered us a ride. Taxis NEVER offer free rides to people, but something about Christmas is always special and that was my Christmas miracle. 

 My other Christmas miracle was with Hna. Anna Aragon, she was sick but she still read her assignment in the Book of Mormon and then offered a prayer and asked God if the Book of Mormon is true, she told me that immediately after her headache went away, a peace came over her and she was able to sleep well the whole night although she had been previously unable to go to sleep. She still hasn't come to church, but she is a great lady and I hope that she and her family can continue learning about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I know that God answers our prayers, I have seen many examples in my own personal life, Christmas has already passed but I'd still like to invite everyone to turn to the Savior. He provides with peace and tranquility that enable us to be happy and live righteously.  

I got to sing Jingle Bells at a party that was in the church, nobody understood because it was in English but I enjoyed it and everyone yelled "hey" with me, I don't know if I really liked the whole party but I'm glad I can still get a crowd going a little bit.

I'm happy, I'm feeling good, I know I'm in the right place, I'm not perfect and I continue learning each day. I know Jesus lives, He loves us, and He is waiting to bless us and all we have to do is seek Him. 

With love to all, 

Happy New Year from Elder Gardner

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