Monday, April 10, 2017

Mystery Soups, Dirty Shoes, and a Trip to Belize

I don't have a lot to say this week. We were busy. We had to travel to San Salvador twice, once for a meeting and another time for immigration purposes. 

I had soup a few times this week. I like soup, but when it is always hot and humid I don't really want to eat a big bowl of piping hot soup! But I had some good soups this week although it is sometimes difficult to tell what dark colored soups are made of. 

We had some great visits with people this week. There is one experience that particularly touched me this week. We visit a family that hasn't come to church for many years. The dad smokes and has a negative attitutude, he says that when he went to church and lived the gospel before he was happy, healthy, and he loved life. Now he says that life feels like a drag and he has to suffer through every day. Whenever we go to this house they are all just sitting there silently watching tv, last night we went there and such was the case. 

The wife was sick, laid out on the couch with a grimace on her face. The daughters were watching tv and the dad was sitting there smoking on his tailgate of his truck. They were all in the same house but isolated in their own worlds. They let us come in, we taught a simple message, and then they began to talk. The whole atmosphere changed, they felt the Holy Ghost, they began to feel happy. They started to smile, they started to laugh, and it touched my heart to see that. After we ended our message with a hymn and a prayer, they gave us some food and by the time we left they were talking one with another and they looked happy! 

This was a simple experience. But I know that the Spirit changes people's hearts, it isn't anything special that we do as the missionaries. I know that God wants us all to be happy and to love each other. It is amazing how life changes when we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives and the negative influences of Satan go away. 

My companion will go to Belize this week. We were suprised by that as he already went to Belize. So I will have a new companion from Guatemala. I also got hit by a dirty shoe this week, long story short. 

 Enjoy the Spring weather back in Idaho. 

I've written too much.

Have a great week everybody!

Elder Gardner

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