Monday, January 11, 2016


Nathan's New District-
Elder Gallardo, Elder Harris, Elder Kaufusi (he will play BYU football), Elder Abilez, Pineros, burris, torres, erickson, burris, melendez, herrera, riasco, and hermana cordero and chappa. 

Elder Travis Haynes from same stake in Nampa, Idaho- always good to see a little bit of home!
 (left) Nathan loving his papuses
(above) burning

New Companion- Elder Gallardo from Puru only eats fruits and vegetables
  Elder Kaufusi 

I got changed areas.....again! I am know in Barrio Central of Zona Layco, I have now entered into possible the most dangerous part of my mission. So this should be fun;) I am excited with a new set of challenges and a new group of people to work with. My new companion is named Elder Gallardo from Peru. I am really busy now with my new responsibilities as zone leader, but I am enjoying missionary life and still having fun. 

In my area, Central, this is a part called Centro. Centro is the black market of San Salvador, it is humungous, filthy, loud, and absolutely crazy. They sell just about everything there but it is all stolen so that is a little concerning. There are a ton of vendors in the streets and little stands everywhere selling everything from pineapple to discount bras, so it is a little crazy. The most interesting store I've seen this week is a store that was selling stolen electronics and was blaring Sweet Home Alabama in these huge speakers, I haven't heard that song in a while but it was just a funny little sight to see that. 

I also saw this guy who walks around selling gatorade, what he did is he stole a pallet of gatorade off this truck that was stuck in traffic and he started walking around screaming 2 gatorades for a dollar. So that was pretty funny, I was almost tempted to buy because that was a really good price and I couldn't do it because it is obviously wrong. So centro is absolutely crazy. 

This week I stood on a scale and the scale made me pale when I realized I have gained 20 pounds in the mission. I may have to cut myself off from pupusas officially, if not I may ask my mom to sign me up for the Biggest Loser for when I come home. People always give me coke, pupusas, and pan dulce which is basically sugar bread (is really good), but I feel like I may have to start rejecting ppl when they offer me these things.

I am doing great, I am always learning more about myself, the gospel, and how to work with other people and how to help them. The mission is a growing process and I have definitely seen some self improvement in myself. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary, to serve others, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized if you haven't already, I have seen people's lives change as they live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

I hope all of you have an awesome week, I love you all and hope that all of the new year resolutions haven't flopped already.

Elder Nathan Gardner

Elder Gardner with a pianata Santa?  

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