Monday, January 18, 2016


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Hey everybody!!! 

I hope everyone had an awesome week because I am doing great and I am loving my mission!

I had an interview with President Hintze this wednesday which was super awesome, I know that I will be going to a different country in 6 months or less so I know it will be good. Here I come Belize! Sunshine and Reggae!

So this week I have been blessed with good health other than athletes foot, I had that for about two days and it was terrible. My foot felt like it was on fire the whole day, but sometimes I enjoy pain and I [gloried in my tribulations[ as the prophet Paul said. So I worked through that whole deal and it was super good, we worked super hard this week and we had a baptism on Sunday of Hna. Sofia Linares. So that was an awesome experience, I performed the baptism. 

Last monday this barber decided to ignore my instructions on how to do my hair, I clearly explained to him that my hair is a little bit different than Latino hair and that I wanted it done a little bit differently. But, they disregarded my instructions and I was very unhappy with him, it was tempting to only pay 50 cents instead of the full dollar, but I paid. 

I also was fed liver with onions, I have tried to eat everything that is given to my in teh mission, but I only could eat half of the liver. I apologized to the lady but I could just not finish it off, it crossed a line for me, the line of disgust, I did not throw up or get sick. But that taste lingered in my mouth and it is something that I will NEVER eat again. 

My companion is a good guy, but he cut out his ingrown toenail in the house of this people we are teaching and that left an absolutely terrible impression. I was appalled, I tried to understand why he did not do that in our own house. I expressed my displeasure with that decision, but Elder Gallardo felt justified in what he did. I will never understand why he did that in the house of those people, but I am learning a lot about patience and tolerance. 

It was a great week, Elder Cook is coming to El Salvador this week. It should be an awesome week and I am so excited to be in the work of the Lord helping other people to improve their lives. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week and do something to make someone else smile. 

With love,. 

Elder Nathan Gardner

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