Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Few questions answered From Elder Gardner

*How many missionaries in your room?  8 missionaries in the room.   Bunk Beds? yes, 4 sets

*How many share your bathroom? The bathroom is big, there are 10 small shower stalls, 4 urinals, and 8 toilets which is not enough due to circumstances. Are the facilities different than you are use to from the US? No, the bathrooms are fine  

*Is your companion going to your mission? yes, 

*How big of a group will be going to your mission with you?  Are any of these guys some of the Idaho kids or ones you have become friends with? Like Hartwell, Garry going to Honduras, Cope, Eggers, Kruetzer, Lawrence.  Where are they going?  Others? Everybody in my district is going to my mission except Elder Hartwell, going to Guatemala Central, and Elder Lawrence is going to Coban. Next tuesday around 25 people will be on the bus to my mission, it is one of the biggest groups they have ever had here going to the same mission. 

*Do you have sisters in your groups?  We saw that big group picture of sisters along with that one of the Elder’s? How often do they take those big group pictures?  Is someone designated to take pictures there for everyone?   The big group pictures are taken every other week, some districts have hermanas but ours does have hermanas. 

*Do you get to exercise there?  What do you do?  Who with? We excercise for an hour everyday, I usually play basketballl every day and it is fun, some of the other elders have huge tempers and will get really physical and it is amusing to me, but I still usually win in basketball, except Elder Van Katywk from California is an incredible player. He is going to BYU, but just for school, he is not muscular enough he says to play college.

*How did the haircut go? The haircut went well, Elder Price took good care of me, Hermana Lynn took another picture so you should be getting it, she brought us cookies which was so nice. She is a fantastic lady, but she got switched so we have a different Sunday teacher now.  Would you like some clippers sent to you?  No, it will be good. I will see how much haircuts are in the field, I think that they are actually pretty cheap

*How are the bugs there? Not bad, I have not been bitten yet but I am in a big city, there are some cockroaches and unsightly beatles but they do not bite. 

*Do you ever go outside besides to go to the temple on Tuesday? We got to go to the store one other time, but no.

*You described the egg dish very well that they serve you…. What other kind of meals are there?   They have a variety of meals, they served hamburgers once but the meat was terrible, everything they serve here is just a mockery of home cooking.
 Beans and rice? Yep, is actually not to bad compared to eggs that have the black mold. 
What kind of fruit do they serve? Fruit is the best thing, however due to a recent resurgence of diarrhea and I have not been partaking of the fruit.  Are there vegetables they feed you? Kind of, but no.  Have you tried any kinds of orange drinks they were telling us about before your mission? No, I have not had any soda except for when I went to the store and bought a Sprite.

*Where is your mission Pres. From? California, I talk with President Cox a lot, especially since I am a district leader, he is great, I feel like that might be one of the reasons that I was sent to the CCM here. 

*Your teacher’s where are they from? Native Guatemalan’s   How old? both native guatemalans probably both around 22, Hermano Bajan and Hermana Cuque, Hermano Bajan is my favorite, he is a great teacher, has good english, and works well with us. I really like him and I am appreciative, however Hermana Cuque is so so, but she is ok. 

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