Monday, August 3, 2015

What day is it?

 July 21st was a super great day! His last day in Idaho as a non missionary.  He slept in a little then went to the temple, had a great meal at Cheesecake factory and around 3:00 was doing this- ah his last swim.

Last time in the pool with his favorite peeps for two years.  We were just sitting down for a little dinner at 5:00 when Nathan decides to make sure his departure flight for his mission was all OK for the next day.
Nathan asks "Hey Mom is today the 21st?"
I answer   "yes it is"
Nathan "my flight left at 3:00 today- I just MISSED my flight!"

So this sends us all in a serious panic!!    With flight changes and a mtc change from Mexico to Guatemala this little detail was overlooked!!  yes the day, yes very important detail!!

Nathan thinks if I find a flight that gets me to LA by 10:00 I can have time to catch my flight to Guatemala.  I get on the phone with the missionary travel agency and Janelle (a beyond sweet, calm lady)  thinks this may work and we are set for him to take off on a 7:30 flight out of Boise.  ( a few minor details to keep in mind, he is not set apart that is to take place in an hour at 6:00, his stuff is yet to be placed in his suitcases, we live 30 min. from airport  and I happened to start all of his whites in the washer just minutes before all this.)

So we move like crazy, the kids all help Nathan pile his stuff into his suitcases while I am madly ringing out the sudsy water in all of his whites and throwing them in the dryer. (at this point I am sending my boy on his mission with dirty whites I am just praying they dry in time) We had not gone to the bank yet to pull some cash so everyone was pooling all the cash they had which happened to be in ones and fives.  He was leaving with $47.00 in basically ones.  uggh!

We set him apart which he somehow he miraculously calmed down for and were headed to the airport!  As we were leaving we receive a call from sweet Janelle (travel agent) and she tells us that tonight is not going to work out and he will need to wait to leave till the morning. I took a deep sigh of relief that I could rewash the whites, help repack the suitcases and change the ones out for something different.

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