Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Joy of Working

I was happy this week! We had very few distractions and we were able to work all week long and we saw great progress with our investigators and less active members. I like going out and visiting all day long, for me the work is the best part of the mission, I enjoy more than my p days, meetings, and other downtimes. 

I understand that I only have 10 days left, I as I went throughout the week it made me a little sad to think that my wonderful little protected life of visiting people, reading the scriptures, and helping people to be happy all the time will come to an end. But, reality always comes knocking at the door. So, I've been trying to enjoy each day and soak it all in. 

We had 4 investigators come to church and one of our investigators will be baptized next saturday named Michelle. Her Mom was a less active member but since we found them my second day here they've come to church every single week. She is excited to be baptized and has good support from her family so that will be a good event next saturday.

I should be fed well this week, we have been invited to dinner every day this week. 

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I feel uplifted and I learn each time I read it. I hope that we may all read it and strengthen our foundations of faith. 

Elder Gardner

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